Based on a custom modern 4x12 cab, loaded with 2 custom speakers designed to get that tight modern metal tone and a huge low end, this is a perfect cab for metal. Based on Omega412 cab “K100” based on Celestion® G12K-100 speaker. “RedB” based on Celestion® Red Back speaker. “MV65” based on Eminence® VM65 speaker.... Leer más →


British tone with modern flavor The Synonym of “hot rodded” British tones, this cab is perfect to handle that and give a modern flavor to them without losing the vintage feel.  Based on the Friedman 412 cab. ·Loaded with 4 Different Speakers based on: “CNV30” based on Celestion® V30 (CN Made).“G12-65” based on Celestion® G12-65... Leer más →


This British cab its a great tool for all those modern tones, djent and prog gutiar players, loaded with 4 different speakers this cab its a beast. Based on Zilla 412 Oversized cab Loaded with Celestion G1260 Special Edition Celestion V30 UK Made Celeston Creamback M65 Celestion Creamback H75 Buy the IR Pack: (4.99 until... Leer más →

Mr Shall Modern Pack

Compilation of 3 of the best British cabs in a single pack to capture thebest tones of the classic Marshall® cabs like the 1960AV, 1960A,1960BX, 1960HW, 1960TV and MF400, all of them are the same cabwith some cosmetic changes and different speakers but the same size. Grab it only for $15 * Only Just until... Leer más →

Mr Shall BX

For a lot of people this British cabinet it’s the signature cab from a guywho uses a Gibson® SG guitar, now this cab had 3 more speakers forhelp to recreate his tone. Grab it only for $4.99 * Only Just until July 31*:Mr. Shall BX – Audio Assault Grab it only for $4.99 *... Leer más →

MrShall 60

This cab is one of the most iconic cabs ever built, the British standardfor rock, blues, metal.This cab had different cosmetic differeces and loaded with otherspeakers the Mr Shall want to capture that cabs for the classicGreenback tone, the 80s ones with T75s, modern G12V and the moremodern with Redback speakers, this cab can do... Leer más →

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