British Invasion IR Pack

From Marshall to Zilla and many more, the British Invasion pack contains some of the best cabs for you, with 3 mics and 3 variations for your tones, this cab pack not only contains guitar cabinets also bass cabs from AMPEG, ZILLA, Orange and Marshall so you can use this cab pack for both. Only load this IRs with any Marshall, Vox or Orange Amp sim and you are ready to make some great tones. Desde Marshall a Zilla y muchos mas, el British Invasion pack contiene algunos de los mejores gabinetes para ti, con 3 mics y 3 variaciones … Continúa leyendo British Invasion IR Pack

ENGL E412 Standard (V60)

Another good cab for metal, now the ENGL E412 SS loaded with celestion V60, that speakers give a diferent tone with more mids in comparison with the Celestion V30, this cab pack had 10 mics with 33 impulses per mic and are made with 4 different mic preamps. Remember there are 2 folders with raw IRs and EQ IRs. Otro buen gabinete para metal, ahora el ENGL E412 SS con Celestion V60, estos altavoces tienen un tono diferente, con mas medios en comparacion a los Celestion V30, este cab contiene 10 mics, con 33 impulsos por microfono y estan hechos … Continúa leyendo ENGL E412 Standard (V60)

Amp matches for Line 6 Helix Vol. 1

Tired of your same amps? Well, maybe I can help you, using a similar method like the BIAS, Kemper and AXE FX, I make some amp matches for Helix using real amps and cabs, but using the stock amps to make these matches. For this little pack I used the matching cabs of each amp for the matches. How they work? With this pack you get some IRs with the name of the amp that its matched and how to use it.   Only follow the instructions and you can had new tones for your helix. Cansado de los mismos … Continúa leyendo Amp matches for Line 6 Helix Vol. 1

Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12

One of the best cabs for clean tones, the legendary and rare Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12 extension cab, this cab it´s perfect for cleans, and made it with a neutral poweramp and neutral mic preamp and API and NEVE mic Preamps, also 6L6 and EL34 poweramps for a more sound variations. Uno de los mejores gabinetes para tonos limpios, el legendario y raro Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12 extension cab, este cab es perfecto para limpios y esta hecho con un power amp y mic pre neutros, asi como tambien con un API y Neve mic preamps y poweramps 6L6 y … Continúa leyendo Roland Jazz Chorus 4×12

Dual Rectifier REV F Matches

Finally, TheMesa boogie Dual Rectifier Rev F  Matches are ready to download, all the matches are the pure amp tone, nothing of “gutiar tone” when i match the tone, this matches had the red and orange channels with 4cabs and 5 mics, all this tones are uploaded to bias fx tonecloud with a eq sim the fortin 33 boost. you can find them as SeacowRecto on the bias fx tonecloud hope you enjoy! Finalmente, Las matches del Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev F estan listas para descargar, todas las matches son el sonido puro del ampli y nada de “tono … Continúa leyendo Dual Rectifier REV F Matches

EVH 5150III Tone match IRs for Helix

This is a new IR pack, based on the EVH 5150III Steath, them are tone matches using the Panama Amp for a correct use, load the panama with all control settings at 5 (let the sag, hum, bias, bias x at default) and load the IR that you want. Enjoy Este es un nuevo IR pack basado en el EVH 5150III Steath, estos son tone matches usando el ampli Panama Para un uso correcto, usa el Panama con todos los controlos en 5 (deja el sag, hub, bias, bias x en los ajustes que tiene de fabrica) y carga el … Continúa leyendo EVH 5150III Tone match IRs for Helix